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E-books / Short stories

Cover for Love lost

Love lost

Emma is in hospital with a broken arm when her daughter disappears from the playground, and her already horrible day suddenly turns unbearable.Her husband John only turned his back ...

Cover for Dragon


Megan has been running for so long, moving from town to town, changing her appearance, starting over. Trying to get away from her painful memories, and from him. The man with the d ...

Cover for Wishes Come True

Wishes Come True

Careful what you wish for because some wishes do come true!Jessie and her boyfriend Ben move into their dream apartment, excited to start their life together. Everything is perfect ...

Cover for Stuck With You

Stuck With You

Jamie is late for her Valentine's Day date when the elevator she's in breaks down and she gets stuck with a handsome but rather snarky stranger. Not the perfect way to spend the mo ...

Cover for It's Christmas, Carol!

It's Christmas, Carol!

Carol hates Christmas! As far as she is concerned, it is just another Thursday, just another day at work. But during her workday, between 4 PM and midnight on Christmas Day, she is ...