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Cover for Golden Treasure

Golden Treasure

The wife of the town drummer gave birth to a child with red hair that everyone called ‘the drummer’s redhead’. Except for his mother, who called him ‘golden treasure’. His father d ...

Cover for In Homespun

In Homespun

Known primarily for her often fantastical children's books, Edith Nesbit also frequented adult fiction, yet never forgetting her roots, exploring genres such as horror and the supe ...

Cover for Man and Maid

Man and Maid

'Man and Maid' might sound like the working title of something 11 year-old Jane Austen jotted down during recess, and whilst this might not be E. Nesbit's most imaginative of title ...

Cover for The Literary Sense

The Literary Sense

Love, relationships and everything in between. Although written over a hundred years ago each story in this collection touches on significant topics that are just as relevant today ...

Cover for The Eternal Feminine

The Eternal Feminine

‘The Eternal Feminine’ is a collection of short stories from the prolific American author Carolyn Wells. Tales in the collection include ‘The Night Before Christmas’, ‘Taking Care ...

Cover for Harry Heathcote of Gangoia

Harry Heathcote of Gangoia

The only Anthony Trollope tale set in Australia, ‘Harry Heathcote of Gangoil’ is a short story which follows the troubles of young sheep farmer Harry as he attempts to thwart his j ...

Cover for John Bull on the Guadalquivir

John Bull on the Guadalquivir

Young Englishman John Pomfret is making his way through Spain in order to propose to Marie Daguilar, the daughter of his father’s partner. En route, he encounters an elaborately dr ...

Cover for Hunting Sketches

Hunting Sketches

First published in 1865, Anthony Trollope’s ‘Hunting Sketches’ is a series of eight short essays based around the topic of hunting. Each sketch examines a different aspect of the h ...

Cover for The Queen of Hearts

The Queen of Hearts

Enticed by a large sum of money, Jessie, a spunky young girl of 20 summers, moves into a grand house inhabited by three older men. Now, if you think you already know where 'Queen o ...

Cover for Scenes of Clerical Life

Scenes of Clerical Life

Therapist. Peacemaker. Pillar of the community. A country parson in 19th century England was all this and more. In "Scenes of Clerical Life", George Eliot offers a poignant portrai ...

Cover for The Dorrance Domain

The Dorrance Domain

The Dorrance family live together in a boarding house, in which the four children feel stifled and repressed. When a perilous financial situation upsets the family’s summer holiday ...

Cover for The O'Conors of Castle Conor, County Mayo

The O'Conors of Castle Conor, County Mayo

Set in Ireland, this is a delightful short story from prolific author Anthony Trollope. Our narrator Archibald Green is in County Mayo on business when he secures an invitation to ...

Cover for George Walker at Suez

George Walker at Suez

Suffering from ill health, George Walker has been recuperating for several months in Egypt. Bored and lonely in Cairo, he yearns to visit Suez and the Red Sea and so attaches himse ...

Cover for An Unprotected Female at the Pyramids

An Unprotected Female at the Pyramids

This entertaining short story from Anthony Trollope follows the adventures of self-proclaimed ‘emancipated Englishwoman’ Miss Sabrina Dawkins as she takes a solo trip to visit the ...

Cover for The Plattner Story

The Plattner Story

What happens when you glimpse into the fourth dimension? You return forever changed as a mirror image. Glimpsing into a parallel world through a science experiment gone wrong, the ...

Cover for A Terrible Vengeance

A Terrible Vengeance

A sorcerer. Nightmares. Secrets. Not the usual components of a love story but Nikolai Gogol’s short horror story follows the love story of Danilo and Katerina as they deal with the ...

Cover for Mrs. General Talboys

Mrs. General Talboys

Set in Rome, short story ‘Mrs. General Talboys’ by prolific Victorian writer Anthony Trollope follows the fortunes of unconventional Englishwoman Arabella Talboys. A solo stay in R ...

Cover for The Parson's Daughter of Oxney Colne

The Parson's Daughter of Oxney Colne

This enjoyable short story from Anthony Trollope follows the arrogant Captain John Broughton as he seeks to cement his place as heir to his wealthy aunt Miss Le Smyrger. Set in Dev ...

Cover for Dutch Courage and Other Stories

Dutch Courage and Other Stories

Their planned adventure to Yosemite had become all that Gus Lafee and Hazard Van talked about, so it is needless to say that they were devastated to discover that somebody had ‘sco ...

Cover for The Faith of Men and Other Stories

The Faith of Men and Other Stories

Mammoths have been extinct for thousands of years. So what do you do when an insanely talented hunter and storyteller describes how he just killed one? Thomas Stevens is a skillful ...

Cover for Kept in the Dark

Kept in the Dark

Published shortly before his death, ‘Kept in the Dark’ is one of Anthony Trollope’s most captivating short stories. The young Cecilia Holt falls in love with George Western and the ...

Cover for A Voyage in a Balloon

A Voyage in a Balloon

How do you handle a basket case at 7000 metres height?That is the question an accomplished and esteemed aeronaut is forced to ask himself in 1850 after his hot air balloon is hijac ...

Cover for The Château of Prince Polignac

The Château of Prince Polignac

Published in 1861, ‘The Château of Prince Polignac’ is one of Anthony Trollope’s early short stories. Set in Le Puy in the South of France, it follows the story of widowed Englishw ...

Cover for The Mistletoe Bough

The Mistletoe Bough

First published in 1863, this is an engaging short story from Anthony Trollope. Set against the backdrop of the Christmas holidays, the self-castigating young Elizabeth Garrow has ...

Cover for Moon-Face and Other Stories

Moon-Face and Other Stories

We’ve all taken a dislike to someone for no real reason. But few of us nurture this hatred like the narrator of "Moon-Face".The target of his irrational malice is a man named John ...