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Cover for När dimman lättar

När dimman lättar

När dimman lättar<br/>Nils vaknar i hotellets dubbelsäng vid sidan av en okänd kvinna. Varifrån har hon kommit och törs han väcka henne? <br/>  Under en stormnatt med spökerier bli ...

Cover for Sommarnattligt skeende

Sommarnattligt skeende

Tankar vindlade fram genom hennes huvud när hon som barn sprang ensam runt i skogen. Där fanns en annan verklighet och i den spenderade hon de flesta av sina eftermiddagar. Skogen ...

Cover for Tangolaulajan kuolema: novelli

Tangolaulajan kuolema: novelli

Leila istuu väsyneenä hämärässä eteisessä tarvottuaan loskassa töistä ruokakaupan kautta kotiin. Ruokakassit ovat tehneet hänen käsiinsä punaiset rannut. Elämä on ilotonta ja ha ...

Cover for LeXuS: Mucha, Konsumenterna - erotisk dystopi

LeXuS: Mucha, Konsumenterna - erotisk dystopi

Mucha är tjugoett år när hon äntligen kvalar in i Distrikt III i Belgram. Hon är överlycklig när hon ansluter sig till Konsumenterna och påbörjar ett nytt liv i frihetens tecken. M ...

Cover for En oväntad attraktion - erotisk novell

En oväntad attraktion - erotisk novell

Claudia är proffs och representerar nationens näringsliv. Hon är vacker och självsäker och hade aldrig kunnat föreställa sig att hon skulle tappa fokus under ett uppdrag. Så en dag ...

Cover for The Seven Swabians

The Seven Swabians

Do you want to hear a funny story about seven Swabians? They were willing to go on an adventure, but it turned out that their courage was not enough. And you agree that you have to ...

Cover for The Water of Life

The Water of Life

A king gets so sick that only some magic spell can cure him. His devastated three sons set out in the world searching for the Water of Life. It is said that only this can help thei ...

Cover for Hans in Luck

Hans in Luck

Hans was a faithful and honest servant and his master granted him with a piece of gold. Hans was however not satisfied. This piece was too heavy to carry around all the time. So he ...

Cover for The Wolf and the Fox

The Wolf and the Fox

The wolf and the fox were into some type of agreement which is hardly called friendship. The wolf needed the fox’s help to get food because every time he tried to snatch something, ...

Cover for Jorinde and Joringel

Jorinde and Joringel

Jorinde and Joringel are a couple in love who wander around in the forest without realizing that they have come too close to a witch’s castle. The witch throws a magic spell over J ...

Cover for The Golden Goose

The Golden Goose

Many tales have proven that kindness pays back. Once lived a boy who was so kindhearted that he received a golden goose as a gift. There were however many greedy people who wanted ...

Cover for Little Snow-White

Little Snow-White

Snow White is a marvelous girl "with skin white as snow, lips red as blood and hair black as ebony". Her step-mother however wants to be the most beautiful of all and when one day ...

Cover for King Thrushbeard

King Thrushbeard

There was once a king who wanted to find a proper suitor for his precious daughter. The princess was however always finding some flaws in the future princes, so she sent all of the ...

Cover for Little Briar-Rose

Little Briar-Rose

The king and the queen’s long expected child is born and they decide to hold a feast. However a problem occurs. There are thirteen wise women in the land and they have only twelve ...

Cover for The Six Swans

The Six Swans

A king got lost in the woods and unfortunately he stumbled upon a witch who was willing to show him the way only if he married her daughter. After he agreed, the poor king’s misfor ...

Cover for Thumbling


There lived once one poor family who wished nothing more than to have a child, even if it is no bigger than a thumb. And do you know happened? They finally got a son and he was rea ...

Cover for The Devil with the Three Golden Hairs

The Devil with the Three Golden Hairs

A boy was born with the prophecy that he was about to marry the king’s daughter. The king got extremely annoyed by this possibility so he made everything he could to get rid of the ...

Cover for The Bremen Town Musicians

The Bremen Town Musicians

"The Bremen Town Musicians" is actually a tale about one donkey, one dog, one cat and a rooster who embarked on a mission. They were going to become musicians in Bremen. However so ...

Cover for Frau Holle

Frau Holle

Can you imagine jumping into a well only because your step-mother makes you to? Although it may sound impossible, the poor girl in our story had to do it. And she did not die. Actu ...

Cover for Cinderella


You have probably heard of Cinderella many times. But do you know the whole story of it and why she is called like that? Well there lived once a girl whose mother died and her fat ...

Cover for The White Snake

The White Snake

Imagine this. You take a bite from the king’s dish which is a white snake. Then suddenly you start understanding the language of animals. And this gets you out of numerous problems ...

Cover for Hansel and Gretel

Hansel and Gretel

If you make a stone path from your home to the forest, you will most certainly find your back, right? What if the path is from bread crumbs? Well, it will most certainly disappear ...

Cover for The Three Spinning Women

The Three Spinning Women

What if we told you that you can marry a prince only after you spin all the flax in a room? You would be surprised if we told you that this is what happened with the girl in our st ...

Cover for Rapunzel


There lived once a beautiful girl named Rapunzel. She had a magnificent childhood but when she became 12 years old, an enchantress closed Rapunzel in a high tower without any doors ...

Cover for Little Brother and Little Sister

Little Brother and Little Sister

"Little Brother and Little Sister" is a magical story about two innocent children who flee the wicked stepmother they have. They seek shelter in the woods but we all know that the ...