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Cover for Bortsnappad


17 år gamla David Balfours föräldrar har gått bort nyligen och han försöker hitta sin plats i världen. En dag får David ett brev som han ska leverera till Shaws hus där hans farbro ...

Cover for Vita nätter

Vita nätter

En sommarnatt i Sankt Petersburg vandrar en ung poet längs med stadens månupplysta gator. Där har han vandrat många gånger. Men just den här natten är något annorlunda. Vid ett kan ...

Cover for Varjoa vailla

Varjoa vailla

Peter Schlemihl myy varjonsa paholaiselle saadakseen rahakukkaron, joka ei koskaan ehdy tyhjilleen. Vaihtokauppa osoittautuu kuitenkin Peterin kannalta huonoksi. Hän alkaa tuntea o ...

Cover for Kaksi vankia

Kaksi vankia

Kun toisilleen tuntemattomat Clara ja Josef kohtaavat eräässä teatteriesityksessä, syntyy ainutlaatuinen suhde. Kummallakin heistä on ollut vaikea elämä. Claralla on jo ikää, mutta ...

Cover for Den store Gatsby

Den store Gatsby

Den store Gatsby är ansedd som en av tidernas mest framstående romaner och skildrar det flådiga livet på Long Island under det glada tjugotalet. Romanen kretsar kring den mystiska ...

Cover for De fyra rättvisa männen

De fyra rättvisa männen

Ett hotfullt brev, signerat Fyra Rättvisa Män, landar på utrikesminister Philip Ramons bord. Ministern har inga planer på att låta ett skriftligt hot stoppa honom. Hans hjärtefråga ...

Cover for The Hunchback of Notre-Dame

The Hunchback of Notre-Dame

In this classic tale from the French novelist Victor Hugo, we follow the adventures of the hunchback Quasimodo, who leads a solitary life in the bell tower of Notre-Dame de Paris. ...

Cover for Bartleby the Scrivener, A Story of Wall Street

Bartleby the Scrivener, A Story of Wall Street

'Bartleby the Scrivener: A Story of Wall Street' is a short story from 1852 by Herman Melville. Bartleby is hired to work as a scrivener alongside two other clerks, Nippers and Tur ...

Cover for The Last Man

The Last Man

Mary Shelley was ahead of her time - arguably by 200 years.For when her novel 'The Last Man' was published in 1826 with a plot featuring a deadly global pandemic, the public was no ...

Cover for Father Goriot

Father Goriot

An overprotective father. A cunning criminal. A young student navigating the world of high society and love. In Paris, 1819, three stranger’s fates are intertwined in a tale of cor ...

Cover for The Strange Lapses of Larry Loman

The Strange Lapses of Larry Loman

A psychological thriller, woven with fantastic characters and delicious plot twists that will leave you spinning. ‘The Strange Lapses of Larry Loman’ tells the story of Scotland Ya ...

Cover for The Man Who Bought London

The Man Who Bought London

‘The Man Who Bought London’ follows the American King Kerry, an absurdly rich real estate tycoon who spends his time buying up swathes of London real estate to redevelop for the be ...

Cover for The Daughters of the Night

The Daughters of the Night

‘The Daughters of the Night’ follows Jim Bartholomew, an unconventional bank manager as his life is turned upside down. Thrust in to a chaotic situation with an ensemble of brillia ...

Cover for The Book of All Power

The Book of All Power

‘The Book of All Power’ takes place in the years before the First World War and until many years after the Bolshevik revolution in Russia. Malcom Hay, an engineer for a Ukrainian-E ...

Cover for The Blue Hand

The Blue Hand

A classic thriller novel ‘The Blue Hand’ is built on intrigue, mystery and the strength of its cast. Packed full with the mysterious, the supernatural and the threat of an unrelent ...

Cover for Grey Timothy

Grey Timothy

This novel is dedicated to one of Wallace’s favourite pastimes, horse racing. It follows the rough neck Australian gambler Brian Pallard as he arrives in England to meet his distan ...

Cover for Down Under Donovan

Down Under Donovan

‘Down under Donavan’ follows an ex-convict who strikes it rich gambling, but as the famous philosopher from Brooklyn, Notorious B.I.G once suggested "Mo’ Money, Mo’ Problems", and ...

Cover for The Three Just Men

The Three Just Men

‘The Three Just Men’ belongs to the famous ‘Four Just Men’ anthology created by Edgar Wallace, and follows the vigilante group at the later stages of their lives. They are older no ...

Cover for The Ringer

The Ringer

The Ringer, the legendary killer is dead, his body pulled from the Sydney harbour, the world may now breathe a sigh of relief. That is until the Ringer’s sister is found dead in th ...

Cover for The Nine Bears

The Nine Bears

‘The Nine Bears’ introduces us for the first time to the brilliant Scotland Yard Detective Elk, on assignment to track down some shady financiers causing havoc with the global mark ...

Cover for The Law of the Four Just Men

The Law of the Four Just Men

‘The Law of Four Just Men’ follows a group of four wealthy vigilantes who hunt down evil that the law cannot reach for punishment. Where conventional justice fails these men will n ...

Cover for The Just Men of Cordova

The Just Men of Cordova

The third novel in the ‘Four Just Men’ series, the Just Men find themselves in beautiful Cordova, decorated with it’s Moorish influences. Following the trend of the previous entrie ...

Cover for The Fellowship of the Frog

The Fellowship of the Frog

The second novel featuring Wallace’s iconic Scotland Yard Inspector Elk ‘The Fellowship of the Frog’ involves tracking down the head of a vast underground criminal network lead by ...

Cover for The Sea-Raiders

The Sea-Raiders

‘The Sea-Raiders’ is a short story from 1897 by the "father of science fiction", H.G. Wells. Set in the seaside town of Sidmouth, retired tea-trader, Fison makes a disturbing disco ...

Cover for Theo - A Sprightly Love Story

Theo - A Sprightly Love Story

Theodora has, in many ways, a rich life. Many ways apart from the one that counts. She’s got beauty and innocence in abundance, but when it comes to financial means, she sadly fall ...