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Cover for Mmmysteriet på Vänskapsexpressen och andra berättelser

Mmmysteriet på Vänskapsexpressen och andra berättelser

Från My Little Pony kommer här tre nya berättelser om allas våra favoritponnyer: I "En uppvisning i ädelmod" får Rarity i uppdrag att ordna några spektakulära dräkter till popstjär ...

Cover for Twilight Sparkles prinsessbesvärjelse och andra berättelser

Twilight Sparkles prinsessbesvärjelse och andra berättelser

En dag får Twilight Sparkle ett oväntat paket från prinsessan Celestia. I paketet finns ett brev där Celestia berättar om en besvärjelse hon hittat. Efter att Twilight Sparkle sagt ...

Cover for My Little Pony - Stora sagosamlingen!

My Little Pony - Stora sagosamlingen!

Det är dags att återvända till Equestria för att uppleva nya äventyr tillsammans med allas våra favoritponnyer! Hemma hos Applejack är det dags för den traditionella släktträffen o ...

Cover for Zombieläkarens dotter

Zombieläkarens dotter

Johnny hängde i luften. Svajade fram och tillbaka.Hans ben flög runt mellan zombiernas flaxande händer.– Jag orkar inte hålla dig, stönade Tom. – Sluta sprattla sådär.Någonting gre ...

Cover for Fångad i lågorna

Fångad i lågorna

De kunde höra zombierna på andra sidan. Deras döda händer slog mot dörren.– Så har köttätarna kommit hit, sa Tom och lyste på dörren. – Nu är det bara att vänta och se vad som tar ...

Cover for Zombieregn


Tom svängde basebollträet från sida till sida. Svetten rann nedför ansiktet på honom. Och han blev nedsmetad av ruttet blod och hjärnsubstans. – Hur långt har ni kommit? vrålade ha ...

Cover for Gamle Silverrygg

Gamle Silverrygg

Gorillan slog omkull zombien. Tryckte ned zombiens huvud mot marken med sin stora håriga hand. Tog i med hela sin tyngd. Zombiens huvud krossades. Som om det var en rutten frukt. I ...

Cover for Striden i apgrottan

Striden i apgrottan

Tom höll emot köttätarens huvud med båda händerna. Han måste hålla zombiens käft på avstånd. Den bet efter honom. Det stank ur munnen på den. Och den dreglade på honom. En otäck, k ...

Cover for Döden på zoo

Döden på zoo

Det spelade ingen roll vilken stig de tog. Det fanns köttätare överallt. De levande döda kastade sig över barnen. Allt var kaos. Johnny sprang bort till Emma och Lisa. – Vi måste b ...

Cover for Flykten från de ruttna

Flykten från de ruttna

– Ducka! ropade Johnny. Tom böjde sig snabbt framåt. Och blottade zombiens huvud bakom sig. Johnny högg skruvmejseln i skallen på köttätaren. Skruvmejseln sjönk djupt ner i huvudet ...

Cover for Clumsy Hans

Clumsy Hans

The king’s daughter decided to marry the man who could best arrange his words. Two brothers, full of hope and well-prepared, set out to ask for her hand, when suddenly the third br ...

Cover for Grandmother


Grandmother is old, kind, and she knows many stories. Between the pages of her psalter can be found a pressed withered rose that she often regards with a smile on her lips. Do you ...

Cover for It's Quite True!

It's Quite True!

One evening, in a henhouse, something terrible happened. The story spread from one end of town to the other, from chicken to owl, from owl to pigeon and from owl to bat. But, did t ...

Cover for Little Claus and Big Claus

Little Claus and Big Claus

There were two men called Claus in the town. To tell them apart, one was called Big Claus, because he had four horses and the other, Little Claus, because he only had one horse. Th ...

Cover for Little Tuk

Little Tuk

Little Tuk had to learn his lesson for the next day but he was far too busy with other things and so he found himself with the sun already setting, while his family did not have en ...

Cover for Pen and Inkstand

Pen and Inkstand

The inkstand was so proud of himself! Someone who was visiting a poet praised it, saying that wonderful things could come out of an inkstand. But, are all the beautiful poems made ...

Cover for The Angel

The Angel

When a child dies, an angel comes to find them and bring them to heaven and they take with them some flowers so that they can bloom again above. But, this time, when the angel came ...

Cover for The Daisy

The Daisy

A daisy was growing peacefully next to a country road, forgotten by everyone, but happy. She liked feeling the sun on her petals and listening to the birds sing. Nothing seemed lik ...

Cover for The Drop of Water

The Drop of Water

An old man called Kribble-Krabble observed a drop of water in a puddle in a ditch through a magnifying glass. And it kribbled and krabbled and when things were not as he wanted, he ...

Cover for The Emperor's New Clothes

The Emperor's New Clothes

There was once an emperor who was only interested in one thing, his clothes. He spent all his money on his outfits and had a different one for every time of day and every occasion. ...

Cover for The Farmyard Cock and the Weathercock

The Farmyard Cock and the Weathercock

There were two cockerels on the farm: one lived in the henhouse and the other was a weather vane. Both thought they were better than the other, but what was the truth?Hans Christia ...

Cover for The Galoshes of Fortune

The Galoshes of Fortune

The Galoshes of Fortune have the power of carrying the person who wears them instantly to any time and place they desire – but is this really a good thing?Hans Christian Andersen ( ...

Cover for The Garden of Paradise

The Garden of Paradise

“There was once the son of a king who had many books, no one had more and no one had more beautiful: everything that had happened in the world, he could learn of it and see it repr ...

Cover for The Girl Who Trod on the Loaf

The Girl Who Trod on the Loaf

Inger was a little girl but she was a bad person. This was obvious even when she was very small: she enjoyed catching insects and tearing off their wings without any pity for the p ...

Cover for The Goblin and the Grocer

The Goblin and the Grocer

A goblin lived with a grocer whom he liked a lot because, at Christmas, the grocer never forgot to give him his porridge with a big knob of butter. Under the eaves of the grocer’s ...