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Cover for The Tempest

The Tempest

On a distant island, Prospero waits.The noise of thunder, flashes of lightning and a swelling sea, this tempest sets the stage for William Shakespeare’s most enigmatic play. As we ...

Cover for Macbeth


Power and despair are at their uppermost suspense between witchcraft, bloody severed heads and darkness loom over this magnificent play by William Shakespeare. Set in medieval Scot ...

Cover for The Journal of Julius Rodman

The Journal of Julius Rodman

An authentic description of an expedition across the heart of the Rocky Mountains that turned out to be an elaborate hoax."The Journal of Julius Rodman" is Edgar Allen Poe’s second ...

Cover for The Imp of the Perverse

The Imp of the Perverse

Ever wondered how to combat the deep-seated urge to do wrong? Maybe Edgar Allen Poe can help. In "The Imp of the Perverse" (1845) Poe sets out to explain the Imp – the archetype re ...

Cover for The Bride of Lammermoor

The Bride of Lammermoor

In a decrepit, Scottish castle overlooking the sea, Edgar Ravenswood dreams of revenge. Years ago, his father’s rival conspired to strip the Ravenswoods of their fortune. But fate ...

Cover for Aaron Rodd, Diviner

Aaron Rodd, Diviner

Originally serialised in ‘Harper’s Bazaar’ in the early 1900’s, ‘Aaron Rodd, Diviner’ is a mystery novel from author E. Phillips Oppenheim. Lawyer Aaron Rodd receives a visit from ...

Cover for The World's Great Snare

The World's Great Snare

First published in 1896, ‘The World’s Great Snare’ is one of E. Phillips Oppenheim’s earlier novels. Set in a California gold mining camp, Englishman Bryan Bryan is tracking down a ...

Cover for The Yellow Crayon

The Yellow Crayon

First published in 1903, ‘The Yellow Crayon’ is the sequel to E. Phillips Oppenheim’s earlier novel, ‘Mysterious Mr Sabin’. French royalist Mr Sabin is on the hunt for his missing ...

Cover for The Narrative of Arthur Gordon Pym of Nantucket

The Narrative of Arthur Gordon Pym of Nantucket

A man stows away aboard a whaling ship and gets caught up in shipwreck, mutiny, cannibalism and, finally, utter weirdness.Edgar Allen Poe’s only novel, "The Narrative of Arthur Gor ...

Cover for The Underground City

The Underground City

A mine that should have been mined out years ago. A series of inexplicable events. A city that suddenly appears almost at the centre of the earth. Mining engineer James Starr disco ...

Cover for The Way We Live Now

The Way We Live Now

‘The Way We Live Now’ is perhaps the most famous of all Anthony Trollope’s novels, and widely considered his masterpiece. A 19th century classic, it follows the tale of the mysteri ...

Cover for The Vicar of Bullhampton

The Vicar of Bullhampton

Set in Wiltshire, the compassionate yet stubborn Vicar Frank Fenwick and his wife Janet are active members within their local community. They soon find themselves caught up in a ra ...

Cover for A Maker of History

A Maker of History

Young Guy Poynton finds himself caught up in a mystery after witnessing a clandestine political meeting on the German-Russia border. A few weeks later, Guy disappears from a nightc ...

Cover for A Monk of Cruta

A Monk of Cruta

One of E. Phillips Oppenheim’s earlier novels, ‘A Monk of Cruta’ follows the story of wealthy Englishman Paul de Vaux, witness to a murder on the Mediterranean island of Cruta. He ...

Cover for The Vanished Messenger

The Vanished Messenger

The conference of European Nations is taking place in The Hague. Mr John P. Dunster, an American, is travelling to the conference with important information relating to the seeming ...

Cover for Dracula


"Dracula" is the most popular and widely acclaimed horror novel by Bram Stoker. He introduced the famous vampire, who in turn changed the literary and cultural world forever. Follo ...

Cover for Jack O'Judgment 

Jack O'Judgment 

"Jack O’Judgment" is a classic thriller novel by the inimitable Edgar Wallace. The memorable crime story revolves around a masked vigilante, who wreaks havoc among a successful gan ...

Cover for Captains of Souls 

Captains of Souls 

"Captains of Souls" is an atypical piece of detective crime fiction work from Edgar Wallace, one of the most prolific British writers of the 20th century. Centring around Ambrose S ...

Cover for A Debt Discharged 

A Debt Discharged 

"A Debt Discharged" is a gripping thriller novel about gangs and forgery by the acclaimed British author Edgar Wallace. The gifted Thomas Maple and his niece Verity live together o ...

Cover for The Headless Horseman

The Headless Horseman

Both Cassisus Calhoun and Maurice Gerald would love to marry Louise Poindexter. Louise, however, is preoccupied by the murder of her brother, and marriage is the last thing on her ...

Cover for Northanger Abbey 

Northanger Abbey 

Filled with macabre mansions, things that go bump in the night and a healthy dose of farce, ‘Northanger Abbey’ is Jane Austen’s first novel and a satirical parody of the Gothic tra ...

Cover for The Day of Atonement

The Day of Atonement

Korolenko’s answer to the growing antisemitism of the 1880s, ‘The Day of Atonement is an integral part of Ukrainian folklore. It is centred on the Jewish holiday ‘Yom Kippur’ and t ...

Cover for Black Notice

Black Notice

Elegant, trumpet-like lilies, she thought. But there was something off. Something not right. It was the colour. It was strange, sort of pale and flesh-coloured...In a sleepy seasid ...

Cover for Black Notice: Episode 5

Black Notice: Episode 5

When Kathrine is kidnapped, the police quickly arrest a suspect. But when it becomes clear that they’ve got the wrong man, Felix Jørgensen goes after a gynecologist with a suspende ...

Cover for Black Notice: Episode 4

Black Notice: Episode 4

A couple of old yearbooks from a school in a posh suburb north of Copenhagen show a boy who looks eerily similar to the man with the strange eyes. But with the rest of Europe’s pol ...