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Cover for Saving Lily - The Enders Game: A Nathan Creekmore Thriller Book One

Saving Lily - The Enders Game: A Nathan Creekmore Thriller Book One

After ten years, Nathan meets his former classmate Anna. Soon, they decide to get married. Following the ceremony, Anna introduces him to a one-off Mormon group led by an older wom ...

Cover for New York Dexy - The Capitol Taken

New York Dexy - The Capitol Taken

The thriller continues. The pandemic is its worst and our business goes from Europe back to the states. The peak is the conquering the Capitol. The tension is immense and the text ...

Cover for New York Shmaxy - The Gud & The Vid

New York Shmaxy - The Gud & The Vid

Victoria´s & my adventure goes on with a faster tempo. The COVID-19 pandemic goes all over. Our deal takes us to China. Gastronomy, garden architecture, logic labyrinths, imperial ...

Cover for Chaos Trauma

Chaos Trauma

Victor Jones, better known as Vai, is your average rebellious teenager, complete with colored hair and piercings ... and an alcoholic, neglectful mother. As if things couldn't get ...

Cover for Dark Web

Dark Web

Gerald Ayers is an ex-agent of MI6, the British Foreign Intelligence Agency, now retired. When a friend of his late wife, Pieter Arnholt, an art expert, sends a request for help t ...

Cover for Night


A young man wakes up in the morning. Soon he discovers that he has slept for not just a night, but a day and a night - and that he has been doing things the day when he was asleep. ...

Cover for The Grand Man: A Scandinavian Thriller

The Grand Man: A Scandinavian Thriller

A fast-paced detective novel about an American jazz-journalist in Stockholm who gets drawn into two unsolved Swedish mysteries: the 1986 murder of prime minister Olof Palme, and St ...

Cover for Obsession


17-year-old Stella Blue finds herself in trouble when her home city gets caught up in a mysterious series of deaths. From suicides to homicides, one after one, each death seems to ...

Cover for Lismaren: Revenge

Lismaren: Revenge

It happens something in the small village, which for many years had a Lismare thats control and sets. The question is only who the Lismare is, and why he captivates the villagers.. ...

Cover for Distorted Minds

Distorted Minds

On a hot summer day in 1973, 19-year old Swedish-American girl Jenny, living in Mora, Minnesota, loses her family in a spooky hit-and-run car accident. In order to come to terms wi ...