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Cover for The Malefactor

The Malefactor

Originally published in 1906, ‘The Malefactor’ is one of E. Phillips Oppenheim’s earlier novels. Sir Wingrave Seton has been wrongfully imprisoned for manslaughter in order to defe ...

Cover for The Golden Web

The Golden Web

Stirling Deane is a rich man, thanks to his discovery and eventual sale of the Little Anna gold mine in South Africa. Many years later an unwelcome visitor from Deane’s past shows ...

Cover for A Dark Night's Work

A Dark Night's Work

Elizabeth Gaskell’s ‘A Dark Night’s Work’ was first published in serial form in weekly magazine ‘All The Year Round’, which was edited by Charles Dickens. The lovely young Ellinor ...

Cover for Lois the Witch

Lois the Witch

Newly orphaned Lois Barclay is forced to leave England and sail to America to join her only remaining distant family. Set in Salem against the hysteria of the witch trials, the hon ...

Cover for Curious, if True

Curious, if True

A collection of five short stories from popular Victorian author Elizabeth Gaskell. The collection includes the tales ‘The Poor Clare’, ‘Lois the Witch’, ‘The Grey Woman’ and ‘The ...

Cover for Round the Sofa

Round the Sofa

Miss Greatorex is invited to join a group of friends who meet weekly at Mrs Dawson’s house. When Miss Greatorex asks to hear more about Mrs Dawson’s cousin Lady Ludlow, the friends ...

Cover for A Sicilian Romance

A Sicilian Romance

Nothing boosts evocative narrative as well as narrow escapes. And Ann Radcliffe mastered it. In this early gothic horror novel, Radcliffe tells the story of the Mazzini household’s ...

Cover for Man and Maid

Man and Maid

'Man and Maid' might sound like the working title of something 11 year-old Jane Austen jotted down during recess, and whilst this might not be E. Nesbit's most imaginative of title ...

Cover for The Gordon Elopement

The Gordon Elopement

Exasperated hostess Grace Gordon is tired of friends and distant relatives coming to stay, imposing themselves upon her and her husband’s lives. When a third cousin and his new bri ...

Cover for Phineas Redux

Phineas Redux

The fourth in Anthony Trollope’s ‘Palliser’ series, in ‘Phineas Redux’ we are reunited with protagonist Phineas Finn - first introduced in the second book of the series, ‘Phineas F ...

Cover for Aaron Trow

Aaron Trow

First published in 1863, ‘Aaron Trow’ follows the plight of convict Aaron, who has been sent to prison in Bermuda for the murder of a man during a strike in England. He escapes and ...

Cover for Mysterious Mr. Sabin

Mysterious Mr. Sabin

French royalist Mr. Sabin is working to acquire valuable papers regarding English coastal defences for the German government. In return, he demands German conquest of France and th ...

Cover for Peter Ruff and the Double Four

Peter Ruff and the Double Four

First published in 1912, ‘Peter Ruff and the Double Four’ by E. Phillips Oppenheim follows the story of country squire Peter Ruff as he is drawn into the criminal underworld. Named ...

Cover for The Illustrious Prince

The Illustrious Prince

Set in Britain shortly after the end of the Russo-Japanese war, ‘The Illustrious Prince’ provides a fascinating insight into the political tensions of the time. The story centres a ...

Cover for As a Man Lives

As a Man Lives

Also published under the title ‘The Yellow House’, ‘As a Man Lives’ is an E. Phillips Oppenheim tale packed full of his trademark mystery and suspense. The story is narrated by our ...

Cover for Berenice


First published in 1907, ‘Berenice’ by E. Phillips Oppenheim tells the tale of the lonely gentleman Matravers. A man of high tastes with very definite views, he writes reviews for ...

Cover for The Double Life

The Double Life

Auctioneer Alfred Burton’s life is turned upside-down following a miraculous encounter in an empty house. Burton finds himself unable to speak, see, or think anything but the truth ...

Cover for An Amiable Charlatan

An Amiable Charlatan

A quirky and light-hearted novel from author E. Phillips Oppenheim, ‘An Amiable Charlatan’ charts the story of a young English aristocrat who finds himself caught up in the lives o ...

Cover for The Cinema Murder

The Cinema Murder

Opening in a desolate Derbyshire coal-mining village, young student Philip Romilly finds himself rejected and despondent, resorting to desperate measures in order to secure future ...

Cover for The Way of These Women

The Way of These Women

Wealthy playwright Sir Jermyn Annerley finds himself caught up in a love-triangle between the beautiful actress Sybil Cluley and his rival for her love, Lord Lakenham. Secrets from ...

Cover for The Legacy of Cain

The Legacy of Cain

If you're born in the Western world or have played a lot of video games, chances are the title 'The Legacy of Cain' will make you think of either polygon vampires or take you strai ...

Cover for The Dead Alive

The Dead Alive

Perhaps Wilkie Collins' editor thought 'John Jago's Ghost' sounded too much like an exciting tale of cursed, swashbuckling pirates for the alternate title of this novella to end up ...

Cover for The Queen of Hearts

The Queen of Hearts

Enticed by a large sum of money, Jessie, a spunky young girl of 20 summers, moves into a grand house inhabited by three older men. Now, if you think you already know where 'Queen o ...

Cover for The Turn of the Screw

The Turn of the Screw

A young governess. A remote house. Two silent children. When less than benevolent ghosts are added into this already precarious mixture - chaos ensues. A gothic novella that explor ...

Cover for The Castles of Athlin and Dunbayne

The Castles of Athlin and Dunbayne

Is there any better fuel for a novel than wronged characters and wicked revenge?From the midst of the cult of sensibility, Ann Radcliffe rose with her very own poignant style to wr ...