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Cover for Sympati för djävulen

Sympati för djävulen

Efter att ha blivit utslängd från den kristna sekten Sanningen, återförenas Krille med Pascal, sin vän från studietiden i Lund. Pascal rör sig i undergroundkretsar, spelar black me ...

Cover for Ingen kvinnas land

Ingen kvinnas land

Sommaren 2019. Journalisten Dea Wilenius är på flykt från Stockholm och från sitt eget liv. Efter att två främmande män har gjort inbrott i hennes lägenhet och skjutit ner grannpoj ...

Cover for Rösterna tystnar

Rösterna tystnar

Brandtekniker Jenny mår inte bra där hon sitter vid sitt skrivbord. Hur kunde hon? Hur kunde hon vara kapabel att ens överväga att utföra en sådan fruktansvärd gärning? Trots en un ...

Cover for Mörkrets barn

Mörkrets barn

Whitechapel, London, 1888. Den unge journalisten William Sinclair har aldrig tidigare varit i den här delen av staden. Anständigt folk ur överklassen har inte där att göra, men de ...

Cover for Lilla Chicago

Lilla Chicago

Ali växte upp i stadsdelen Gårdsten i norra Göteborg. Tillsammans med sina barndomsvänner drogs han tidigt in i kriminalitet. Umgänget blev större och det tajta gänget kom att kall ...

Cover for Näktergalen 


De kallar mig galen. Det är jag inte. Kanske är jag näktergalen. En som märks men så gott som aldrig syns ... Bengt lider av vanföreställningar och paranoia. Han är övertygad om at ...

Cover for Timantti ja ruoste

Timantti ja ruoste

Vanhan tavaran kauppaa pyörittävä yksityisetsivä Valo Kurki viettää kesää idyllisessä Silverforsin ruukkikylässä, kun hän törmää kiehtovaan arvoitukseen. Mitä pikkupaikkakunnan kul ...

Cover for Othello


Beginning in the streets of Venice, Roderigo and Iago are introduced in the heart of an argument.Iago is frantic as he has been disregarded for promotion and plots to take revenge ...

Cover for The Peer and the Woman

The Peer and the Woman

First published in 1895, ‘The Peer and the Woman’ is one of author E. Phillips Oppenheim’s earlier novels. A classic story of revenge, it follows the fortunes of the Alceston famil ...

Cover for The Pawns Count

The Pawns Count

Set during the height of WWI, ‘The Pawns Count’ by E. Phillips Oppenheim is a classic story of international intrigue and espionage. Chemist Sandy Graham has discovered a new type ...

Cover for The New Tenant

The New Tenant

The solitary and mysterious Mr. Brown has rented a small cottage on the grounds of Thaller Court. When Sir Geoffrey Kyneston is found murdered close to the cottage, Mr Brown is the ...

Cover for Expiation


E. Phillips Oppenheim’s first novel, ‘Expiation’ is a story packed full of suspense and surprise. Set between England and Canada, the tale follows the fortunes of Harold Mornington ...

Cover for The Seven Conundrums

The Seven Conundrums

A trio of entertainers are facing ruin when an enigmatic man enters their lives and makes them an offer they cannot refuse. In return for guaranteed work, they must do his every bi ...

Cover for The Tragedy of a Week

The Tragedy of a Week

The cunning and mysterious John Savage intercepts Mr Hovesdean and his lovely daughter Sadie following a lengthy journey from America to visit Sadie’s fiancée Lord Harborough in Lo ...

Cover for The Mystery Road

The Mystery Road

Living with her stepfather in the south of France, penniless orphan Myrtile runs away when her stepfather tries to marry her off. While fleeing she encounters two English gentlemen ...

Cover for Havoc


Published just three years before the outbreak of WWI in Europe, ‘Havoc’ gives a fascinating insight into the atmosphere on the continent at the time. Colliding in Vienna are the ...

Cover for The Amazing Judgment

The Amazing Judgment

The Marquis of Esholt, Lord Hildyard is on a yachting trip with a group of friends and his lover Pauline Owston. Whilst aboard, Lord Hildyard spots an appealing and apparently dese ...

Cover for The Cafe of Terror

The Cafe of Terror

Young Madelon is hiking in the French mountains with her uncle and their guide Mr Billingham. They come across a deserted inn where they stop for refreshments. All is not as it see ...

Cover for False Evidence

False Evidence

Soldier Herbert Devereux is dismissed and disowned after deserting his post to rescue his half-brother Rupert in the heat of battle. Court-martialled, banished and in disgrace, Her ...

Cover for For the Queen

For the Queen

First published in 1912 ‘For the Queen’ is a collection of short stories by prolific author E. Phillips Oppenheim. In classic Oppenheim fashion, themes throughout this collection i ...

Cover for The Avenger

The Avenger

Returning home late one night, bachelor Herbert Wrayson discovers a young woman searching his flat. After interrogating her it becomes apparent that she thought she was in the flat ...

Cover for The Wicked Marquis

The Wicked Marquis

As tenants and estate owners, the lives of the Marquis of Mandeleys and the Vont family have been intertwined for generations. The relationship has turned sour in recent years, fol ...

Cover for The Devil's Paw

The Devil's Paw

Set during WWI, ‘The Devil’s Paw’ by E. Phillips Oppenheim is packed full of international espionage and intrigue. Entrusted with highly sensitive papers, Miss Katherine Abbeway is ...

Cover for The Black Box

The Black Box

E. Phillips Oppenheim took a foray into the world of science fiction for this 1910 novel ‘The Black Box’. With elements of the ridiculous and sublime, we follow extraordinary detec ...

Cover for The Yellow House

The Yellow House

Also published under the title ‘As a Man Lives’, ‘The Yellow House’ is an E. Phillips Oppenheim tale packed full of his trademark mystery and suspense. The story is narrated by our ...