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Cover for The Vampire Who Lost Her Fangs

The Vampire Who Lost Her Fangs

Losing your first tooth can be pretty scary, but imagine what it’s like for a vampire! Written by bestselling author Hans M Hirschi and illustrated by Finn Swan, The Vampire Who Lo ...

Cover for Valerius and Evander – Felix and the Orphanage

Valerius and Evander – Felix and the Orphanage

Valerius and Evander are happily married but something is missing from their lives. Felix and the Orphanage is the second book in the series about princes Valerius and Evander, and ...

Cover for The Golden One–Reckoning

The Golden One–Reckoning

Jason is staying with the ailing Cheyenne elder Ninovan. Only the most heartbreaking news from Amberville can bring him back to face the biggest trial of his young life. Will Jason ...

Cover for The Golden One–Deceit

The Golden One–Deceit

The global Ohana is planning for the transition of power, and its head, Dawit Abraham, is anxious to meet the Golden One. Shortly after, Jason begins to experience strange dreams. ...

Cover for The Dragon Princess

The Dragon Princess

Love is love and dragons are evil or are they really? The Dragon Princess is a story about love and how it holds the power to transform even the coldest of hearts. A classic bedtim ...

Cover for The Golden One–Blooming

The Golden One–Blooming

Earth is threatened by humankind. A long time ago, in an effort to help protect her creation, Mother Nature created the Ohana, a worldwide league of shapeshifters, to restore and m ...