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E-books / 6-9 years

Cover for Eight Girls and a Dog

Eight Girls and a Dog

‘Eight Girls and a Dog’ is a children’s book from popular American author Carolyn Wells. Eight friends from the Blue Ribbon Cooking Club decide to holiday together for a month in a ...

Cover for Barty Crusoe and His Man Saturday

Barty Crusoe and His Man Saturday

Inspired by the book 'Robinson Crusoe,' a young boy named Barty decides that he, too, wants his own deserted island.One day he goes out to the forest where he meets the Good Wolf, ...

Cover for Queen Zixi of Ix or The Story or the Magic Cloak

Queen Zixi of Ix or The Story or the Magic Cloak

First published in 1905, author L. Frank Baum considered ‘Queen Zixi of Ix or The Story of the Magic Cloak’ to be one of his greatest works. Closer in style to a traditional fairy ...

Cover for Prairie-Dog Town

Prairie-Dog Town

First published in 1906, ‘Prairie-Dog Town’ is a charming short children’s story by ‘Oz’ author L. Frank Baum. In the wholesome town of Edgeley in Dakota live two good little child ...

Cover for Phoebe Daring

Phoebe Daring

Published in 1912, ‘Phoebe Daring’ is the sequel to L. Frank Baum’s earlier children’s story ‘The Daring Twins’. Young Toby Clark, an orphaned friend of the twins Phoebe and Phil D ...

Cover for Mary Louise Adopts a Soldier

Mary Louise Adopts a Soldier

Published the year L. Frank Baum died in 1919, ‘Mary Louise Adopts a Soldier’ is the fifth book in the children’s series and is widely considered to have been completed by an anony ...

Cover for The Story of The Treasure Seekers

The Story of The Treasure Seekers

What is the most valuable thing in the world? Is it material things like money, or is it things that cannot be counted like love and friendship?This is the question the brave Basta ...

Cover for Wet Magic

Wet Magic

This novel is the aquatic adventure of a lifetime.Four siblings, Francis, Mavis, Bernard, and Kathleen set out to rescue the sister of a mermaid who is being held captive at a circ ...

Cover for Patty at Home

Patty at Home

In the second novel in Carolyn Wells ‘Patty Fairfield’ series, we re-join the now fifteen-year-old Patty as she puts what she has learned about keeping home into practice for herse ...

Cover for Patty Blossom

Patty Blossom

‘Patty Blossom’ is the fifteenth book in the ‘Patty Fairfield’ series of children’s stories by Carolyn Wells. In ‘Patty Blossom’ we re-join Patty who is still caught up in a love-t ...

Cover for Patty Fairfield

Patty Fairfield

Written and published at the turn of the century ‘Patty Fairfield’ is the first in the hugely popular series of Patty Fairfield books for girls, by prolific author Carolyn Wells. I ...

Cover for Patty's Butterfly Days

Patty's Butterfly Days

Patty and her friend Mona Galbraith are spending the summer at Spring Beach together while their parents are away travelling. The girls throw house parties and have plenty of visit ...

Cover for The Three Snake-Leaves

The Three Snake-Leaves

Can you imagine surviving a war, then getting offered to marry the king’s daughter and then having to accept to be buried together with her when she dies? It sounds quite unbelieva ...

Cover for The Twelve Apostles

The Twelve Apostles

A mother had twelve sons but she was so poor that she could not find a way to take care of them all. Her oldest one was Peter. He headed out in the world seeking bread for his fami ...

Cover for Saint Joseph in the Forest 

Saint Joseph in the Forest 

A mother raised three daughters who she did not love equally. The youngest girl, the fairest of them all, was loathed by her mother. She would often send the little girl to the for ...

Cover for The Grave Mound

The Grave Mound

Does being rich mean being generous as well? What do you think? The wealthy man in our story realizes at the end of his days that he has been cruel and indifferent and wants to rig ...

Cover for The Ear of Corn

The Ear of Corn

"The Ear of Corn" is one of those tales by Brothers Grimm which will teach you a lesson and will make you appreciate what you have. We should not take things for granted, let it be ...

Cover for The Spindle, the Shuttle, and the Needle

The Spindle, the Shuttle, and the Needle

Can a spindle, a shuttle and a needle decide an ordinary girl’s fate? Can she become a princess by weaving her path with a pure heart? Will the prince follow the golden thread of l ...

Cover for The Poor Boy in the Grave

The Poor Boy in the Grave

A rich family takes care of one little poor boy. You would expect the boy to lead happy and carefree life. However this is not how our story goes. The boy’s days are full of starva ...

Cover for The Giant and the Tailor

The Giant and the Tailor

What do you think of an agreement between a giant and a tailor? It is not quite equal, right? Well the giant offered the tailor to be his servant. The tailor could not refuse, but ...

Cover for The Little Folks' Presents

The Little Folks' Presents

What if someone tells you that he will shave your hair and beard and will give you coal in return? It does not sound appealing, right? But what if you still agree and shortly after ...

Cover for Master Pfriem

Master Pfriem

"Master Pfriem" is a humorous story about the lively and often irritating cobbler Pfriem who thought he knew everything best. He would always find some flaws in others’ work and he ...

Cover for Death's Messengers

Death's Messengers

Can you imagine a fight between the Death and a giant? Who will you bet on? Well let me tell you this time. The giant won. The Death was going to die if a compassionate man had not ...

Cover for The Duration of Life

The Duration of Life

Have you ever wondered why people live longer than some animals? What if I tell you that we were supposed to live no more than thirty years but the donkey, the dog and the monkey c ...

Cover for The Bittern and Hoopoe

The Bittern and Hoopoe

Did you know that the type of grass cows eat can be of very high importance? If it is too rich they get too wild. If it is too poor they get too weak. You would not have expected t ...