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Audiobooks / Romance

Cover for The Waters of Love

The Waters of Love

Francis, the Marquis of Wimborton needed an heiress. Lexia had money and her father wanted her to marry a Lord. But she was a spirited girl, raised in America and she wanted to cho ...

Cover for The King Without a Heart (Barbara Cartland's Pink Collection 41)

The King Without a Heart (Barbara Cartland's Pink Collection 41)

When Lord Rupert Brooke and his wife are killed in an accident, their only child, Titania, was forced to live with her uncle, the Duke of Starbrooke, who had never approved of her ...

Cover for A Dream Come true

A Dream Come true

‘How could you, Mama? Papa has not even been dead a year!’ When the beautiful Lucia Mountford’s mother remarries less than a year after her father’s death on the Titanic, she is sh ...

Cover for Love by the Lake (Barbara Cartland's Pink Collection 39)

Love by the Lake (Barbara Cartland's Pink Collection 39)

Lady Lolita Vernon, daughter of the late Earl of Walcott and Vernon, has run away. Her stepfather, Ralph Piran is forcing her to accept an offer of marriage from his business partn ...

Cover for The Importance of Love

The Importance of Love

"Get away from me. As far as I am concerned, David, you are dead to me and this entire family!" The handsome Viscount Kennington has never enjoyed a good relationship with his fath ...

Cover for Journey to Love

Journey to Love

Shana, the beautiful daughter of Lord Hallam has not yet been a debutante as she has been helping her father write his autobiography. Although retired from the Foreign Office, Lord ...

Cover for Seeking Love

Seeking Love

"No, Papa! I cannot believe that you no longer want me here." When Marina Fullerton’s beloved mother dies in a tragic riding accident, she is horrified when her father sends her aw ...

Cover for Touching the Stars

Touching the Stars

Justina Mansell, the youngest daughter of Lord and Lady Mansell is told that her sister has been invited to visit India, but cannot accept. So Justina jumps at the chance to go in ...

Cover for Saved by an Angel

Saved by an Angel

The Marquis and Marquise de Castillon together with their young son, Jean-Pierre, were forced to flee France for England when the French Revolution broke out in 1789. Jean-Pierre w ...

Cover for An Unexpected Love

An Unexpected Love

"Protected by loving parents, young, beautiful and happy, Lady Ravina Ashley has the world at her feet. Unused to harsh words, she is taken aback when a stranger at a ball in Londo ...

Cover for For Ever and Ever

For Ever and Ever

"Viola Brookfield has not a care in the world until the awful day when her parents are tragically killed in a road accident, leaving her all alone in the world. So when her Aunt Ma ...

Cover for The Richness of Love

The Richness of Love

"There is nothing for it – we will have marry for money! The Strathcarrons have lived in splendour in Lednock Castle in Scotland for many generations, but the family fall on hard t ...

Cover for The Heart Of Love

The Heart Of Love

"“I will not marry a man I do not love!”When Lady Verena’s widowed father suddenly remarries, she finds that her stepmother is anxious to make a match of convenience for her new st ...

Cover for A Kiss in the Desert

A Kiss in the Desert

"The Earl of Bracken is meeting his good friend Captain Charles Kenwood at his Club in St. James’s Street. He has just returned from a visit to Syria where he had been introduced t ...

Cover for Journey to Happiness

Journey to Happiness

"Martina knew that Sir Hugh Faversham adored her. She was uncertain how she felt about him, but she knew she could always turn to him for help. So when her friend, Harriet, begged ...

Cover for Learning to Love

Learning to Love

The Earl of Cariston is faced with insuperable problems as he has completely run out of money. He has sold everything on his estate that he can, but even so there is nothing he can ...

Cover for They Found Their Way to Heaven

They Found Their Way to Heaven

Lady Elvina, theal and in love. Any day now Captain Andreaw Broadmoor would propose to her. But then she overheard him saying that he did not love her and would only marry her for ...

Cover for Love is the Reason for Living

Love is the Reason for Living

Lady Novella Crownley has been teaching at a girl's school far from her ancestral home, Crownley Hall, and one day her mother asks her to return. She leaves at once only to find th ...

Cover for They Sought Love

They Sought Love

For years Celina Storton had been in love with Robin, the Earl of Torrington, but he spent his time in Paris, pursuing beautiful women and the more the merrier. Then his mother's i ...

Cover for The White Witch

The White Witch

The Marquis of Wynstanton had become involved with one of the beauties of London Society -- Locadi, Lady Marshall and when her husband died unexpectedly, the Marquis set out on a l ...

Cover for Royalty Defeated by Love

Royalty Defeated by Love

Michael, the Earl of Danesbury was being hounded to marry Lady Alice Randall, a woman he did not love. Even the Prince of Wales was determined to force him into marriage. Michael f ...

Cover for The House of Happiness

The House of Happiness

Eugenia Dovedale's father had been High Steward to the Marquis of Buckbury and after her father's unexpected death, Eugenia had to leave 'Paragon' the family's beautiful and much l ...

Cover for A Heart in Heaven

A Heart in Heaven

Returning from finishing school in France, Louisa Hatton was full of enthusiasm for the life ahead. She was convinced it would be exciting and romantic. But her parents had alread ...

Cover for Love Rescues Rosanna

Love Rescues Rosanna

After the death of her great-uncle, orphan Lady Rosanna Donnington was overwhelmed to learn he had left her his vast fortune. It was then her life changed and she became the target ...

Cover for In Search of love

In Search of love

Vanda Sudbury and Robert, the Earl of Cunningham, had been friends from childhood. They knew all each other's faults and weaknesses and squabbled like brother and sister. So when h ...